As a 360° performance based marketing platform, we bring together advertisers, publishers, agencies and developers to support you in developing the online marketing strategy that suit you best.

Dedicated focus on client requirements and an understanding of local markets coupled with a commitment to leveraging the performance marketing model allows us to drive value and ROI for all our customers.

At the core of our business is our outstanding affiliate marketing network that has been crafted to deliver a range of performance based marketing objectives and solutions:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful medium for brands to reach and engage new and existing online customers in a tangible manner and can achieve such a high ROI due to being based primarily on Cost Per Action (CPA) performance-based pricing models, which enables advertisers to pay upon completion of specified actions (such as purchases, form submissionsand app download).

    When traffic generated by affiliate sites results in sales or other converting actions on your website you pay an agreed commission rate per sale or conversion which is recorded by our sophisticated tracking technology. Costs only accumulate as a percentage of the revenue you generate through sales by using our network of publishers and you are guaranteed profitable sales growth.

    Our network supports all standard rich media display ad formats, including online video, Flash and HTML and we provide flexible options for integrating product information within site content, driving engagement and increasing conversions.

    By developing our solutions around your requirements, we can align your strategy along the lines bespoke performance-based marketing opportunities increase audience reach, acquire new customers, sell more to existing buyers, and improve the return on your ad spend.

    • Cost-per-Lead (CPL)
    • A highly useful tool for launching new products and also providing customer exposure for high-value items by generating sales leads through sign-ups or other converting actions.

    • Cost-per-Download
    • A powerful consumer engagement tool for performance campaigns on mobile and for campaigns looking to build loyalty and exposure.

    • CPC advertising
    • CPM advertising
    • Cost-per-Mille or Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions.

  3. Lead Generation
  4. Elemental in CPA based marketing is the focus on lead quality to support theacquisition goals for our clientsby collecting details of prospect customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product and service and consented to be contacted. They are then nurtured over time towards conversion, and then ongoing to become a loyal repeat purchasing customer.

    Our lead-generation solutions assist advertisers to expand their audience reach by connecting them with effective, performance-based, lead generation opportunities:

    • Transparent and accountable lead targeting from reputable online sources
    • Desktop and mobile responsive data capture forms
    • Data verification & validation:Only pay for unique and verified leads
    • Test & manage multiple lead sources via one interface
    • Superb publisher knowledge and relationships
    • Set variable lead commission rates

  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. To fully take advantage of the immense distribution of our network, our Mobile Marketing solutions expand advertiser and publisher marketing reach to the mobile environment, to increase engagement with new and existing customers to maximise the potential of mobile affiliate traffic for businesses and earn more revenue from mobile sites.

    The effectiveness of mobile campaigns can be gauged from the onset via quick identification of the right mobile certified partners for your needs, and performance metric tools to provide transparent and robust tracking and reporting solutions.

    The focus remains of providing you the greatest possible ROI be allowing you to choose from a range of mobile affiliate and advertising models including Cost-per-Lead (CPL) and Cost-per-Install (CPI)

    The advantages of our mobile network are plentiful:

  7. Search Marketing
  8. Strong business results necessitate driving the right type of traffic to your website. Through SEO and other search marketing solutions we assist business appear higher in search engine results for both keywords as well as locations. Our user-centric approach allows us to optimize your online presence to your customers' requirements.

    • Strategy & Analysis,
    • Competitor Benchmarking
    • Content Marketing & Seeding
    • Onsite & Mobile Optimisation
    • Social Media Integration
    • Link Building & Link Management
    • Targeting and retargeting technologies
    • Geo-targeting
    • IP targeting
    • Interest Based Advertising (IBA targeting)
    • OS and Browser targeting technologies.

  9. Remarketing
  10. Retargeting allows you to position your ads with your construe audience who had some interest in buying something on your website. This actually works where user scrolling your products and left without shopping anything. It retargets them either through display ads with the help of ad exchanges or Email by capturing their email id where they drop off the login/registration.

    Major benefits of remarketing/retargeting:
    • The high click-through rates
    • Increased conversions
    • Good branding impression
    • clear call-to-action
    • It brings back users

  11. Consultation
  12. We help companies in managing their online spend and to establish a market strategy to beat the competition. By managing their budget we help them like a partner to run their business smoothly at minimum cost.