Monetize your website and mobile traffic

Our performance marketing solutions enable affiliate publishers to holistically leverage our premium Advertiser network.

We optimize your online presence to generate revenue for your web, mobile and app based traffic by integrating and cashing in on display ads, product feeds and a range of affiliated marketing tools.

By promoting targeted, interest-based ads for our premium network of top brand Advertisers, and through our advanced tracking, real-time monitoring and analytics we assist you in maximising your click-through and conversion rates to maximize your ad revenue.

How to convert traffic into money?

By following 3 simple steps:

  1. As part of our network, Publishers join an affiliate marketing program to facilitate the online gap between Consumers and Advertisers.
  2. By utilising our Publisher Toolbox and innovative optimisation technologies you can effortlessly integrate Advertiser’s links to your website or app through ads and banners and recommend relevant products/services to your visitors.
  3. Displaying relevant and compelling ads and product feeds will result in Consumers clicking on them; you receive a commission on all the business you generate through leads and sales.

Why Publishers choose Shoogloo

Easy! Because we soar over the competition and provide Publishers with the best the industry has to offer!

A leading-edge technology platform coupled with the matured domain expertise of our account managers and the commitment to operational and strategic support, enable higher performance, higher converting offers and commissions, and punctual payouts to our Publisher network.

Advertise top brands

Offering you a range of affiliate programs and performance marketing campaigns to choose from, you can select only the most relevant site-specific ads and product feeds to partner with the most widely recognized and leading brands to showcase to your audience.

Search for affiliate programs and performance campaigns that suit you best. Cost Per Action (CPA) models reward you for sales that are generated by the traffic you send to an advertiser site, and other models reward you for clicks, downloads, leads and conversions. If your site is better suited to particular payment models, then you can search for campaigns running these specific models

Reliable transaction and payment tracking

Monitor transactions to keep track of how you’re doing. The Publisher Interface will provide a dashboard of your earned commissions for you to evaluate your performance marketing strategy. Download detailed reports to gauge which affiliate programs are earning you the most and assess opportunities to optimize your site.

Our publishers get paid what they earn - on time, every time, thanks to our proprietary platform which reliably tracks conversion and affiliate commission payments.

Robust Tools & reporting

Our feature-rich suite eases dynamic content creation and management through contextual advertising systems to match ads and product feeds to the most relevant web pages.

Flexible and responsive to allow you to calibrate the optimal ad and product formats to drive your conversions upwards, as well as optimize performance- both algorithmically as well as manually- based on insightful publisher reports to decide which programmes you apply for in the future, and the types of ads, product feeds and formats that you run on your site. This includes:

  • All standard rich media display ad formats
  • Online video advertising
  • Online banner ads in picture, Flash and HTML formats
  • Mobile banner ads, rich media and video formats
3rd party compliance We strive for a fruitful network for our publishers with the belief that trust and integrity are the core of a successful partnership. We closely monitor both advertiser tracking and publisher traffic quality to ensure fair practices while upholding the highest network quality standards. This allows publishers to be part of one of the best affiliate programs in the world whiles also ensuring advertiser compliance, thus preventing violations and fraudulent activity such as:

  • Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (Spam)
  • Objectionable Content
  • Non-compliant Transactions
  • Keyword, Trademark or Brand Infringement
  • Lead Flipping
  • Selective Tracking
  • Illegitimate Reversals

Publisher toolbox

As an affiliate Publisher, our feature-rich user interface and easy to use tools allow you to create dynamic content to maximize your revenue. It is designed to assist optimization so that you can quickly and easily search for and add Advertiser links to your site.

To be able to focus on expanding your publisher business model, you can even get ads served to your site automatically and also control how product feeds appear within your site.

Our toolbox has a gamut of features which include:

  • Affiliate Links Search
  • Ad Delivery
  • APIs/Web Services
  • Click error report
  • Cookie checker
  • Enhanced statistics
  • Get Code
  • Incentive finder
  • Product Catalog Data Feed
  • Product data feeds
  • Product finder
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring
  • Report Options
  • Tracking