About Us

The Online marketplace has evolved to be unrelentingly competitive and in order to accelerate growth in such a situation you need the right combination of strategy, technology and execution.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all by yourself! At Shoogloo, we’ve developed a habit of providing tangible, objective-oriented results. By understanding you, your audience and after a intensive analysis your requirements, we collaborate to create a tailor-made 360° performance-based online marketing strategy. But that’s where we really kick it up a gear!

By providing you access to our sophisticated and robust technologies, loaded with state-of-the art tools, reporting and real time analytics, you get all that you need to leverage our premium network of Advertisers and Publishers spread across the Middle East & Africa regions.

Our flexible solutions remain collaborative throughout and you retain control over key elements through our feature rich interface, for relevant, targeted and accountable solutions that maximise your conversion rates and ROI.